Sending samples from outside the eu

Normec Groen Agro Control holds a permit for destructive research on plants and plant samples. This allows us to receive plants and plant products from outside the EU for destructive laboratory analyses. Additionally, Normec Groen Agro Control possesses an import permit for soil samples from outside the EU.

When sending samples from outside the EU to the Netherlands, please be aware that the samples need to go through customs. Shipments of samples sometimes experience delays due to inspections or because couriers are rigorously checking the required documentation. Properly sending your package minimizes the risk of delays.

Below is a description of how you should send your package to us. Contact us for additional questions before sending the samples.

Matrices that need to be sent with an import permit:
  • Soil samples: Contact us for further instructions, as a special import permit is required for these.
  • Plant parts: See the requirements for the package further down this page.

Sending complete plants is prohibited. Only send the roots seperated from the plant or sent only the roots, stems, or leaves depending on the research you intend to conduct.

Matrices that can be sent without an import permit are:
  • Water
  • Unused peat / dried peat
  • Rockwool and other synthetic growth media
  • Processed products of plant origin
  • Fruits of pineapples, bananas, dates, durian and coconuts

If in doubt or if you wish to send a different type of sample to us than described above, please contact us before sending your package. We will then check if additional import requirements need to be met.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that there are prohibited products that cannot be imported into the EU. Find the specified lists here.

Documents for the outside of the package:

Place the documents in a transparent bag with a seal and attach it to the OUTSIDE of the packaging, but make sure the documents are legible and visable.
We advice you to add also the digital documents with your shipment!

Sample matrices requiring an import permit (including plants and plant samples):

LoA-document (see here an example of an LoA document)
See an empty LoA document at the bottom of this page.

  • In BOX 1, write your company details and a contact person within your company.
  • In BOX 10, write a unique serial number! For example:
    – “Your CustomerNumber_year-month-day”. Example: 9000_2023-08-29
    – “NGAC_2023_ Your CustomerNumber _The Number of Sendings”. Example: NGAC_2023_9000_12
    Each package must have a unique serial number!
  • Also, complete the packing list.

For all sample matrices

Proforma invoice for your samples
See an empty Proforma invoice at the bottom of this page:

This document provides important information for customs clearance. Therefore, it’s important to fill it out with the correct information:

  • Write down the number of samples, valued at €2 per sample, totaling €… We’ve noticed that packages with a value of €1 are inspected/blocked.
  • Under the description, write, for example, “Leaves of tomatoes for destructive measurements.” If it’s a different crop, use a different crop name under the type of sample.
  • Write the 6-digit CPC/HS code under the description.
  • For the different types of fruit or other samples, you can find the CPC/HS code on HS Code, Customs Tariff Number, Taric finder – European Database. Write only the 6-digit code, not the long version.

Requirements the package must include: We request you to pack the sample is three layers, click here for the whitepaper with instructions 

  • The filled LoA form including packing list (for sample matrices requiring an import permit).
  • The Proforma invoice.
  • The above documents must be attached to the outside of the package in a transparent bag.
  • Ensure that the samples are packed in a leak-proof container.
  • Mention on the outside of the package the warning text: ‘samples for destructive research (plant material), do not open.’
  • Inside the package, include a completed order form with your company details and the analyses you desire.

Our preferred partner for the shipment is DHL, this will avoid delays. 

Address details:
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