Additional pesticide analyses

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Additional pesticide analyses

In addition to screening for pesticides present in food, agricultural products or other materials, we can perform additional analyses. Using these additional pesticides, which are analyzed in a different way from the screening, we can measure specific substances

Additional pesticide analyses
  • Improved food safety by measuring specific substances
  • Compliance with EU limits for pesticides in food
  • Compliance with international trade standards for imports and exports
  • Quality control and identification of contamination sources for producers

1. Food Safety

Pesticides are used to protect crops from pests, but their residues can remain in food.

2. Regulatory compliance

The European Union sets limits on the amount of pesticides that can be found in food.

3. International trade

For food you export and import, additional pesticide analyses are often required to meet international trade standards and requirements.

4. Quality control

Supplemental analyses play a role in maintaining the overall quality of agricultural products and foods. They help you identify potential sources of contamination and enable producers to take corrective action.

We as Normec Green Agro Control can perform the following complementary pesticide analyses:

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Amines & Morpholine
BromideChlormequat & Mepiquat
Diquat & ParaquatDithiocarbamatesEthephonPhosetyl-Aluminum & Phosphoric Acid
Gibberilic AcidGlyphosate, Glufosinate, AMPAGuazatinMalein Hydrazide
MatrineQuaternary ammonium compounds DDAC/BACSulfiteThiourea (ETU & PTU)

In summary, complementary pesticide analyses are an integral part of quality control processes in food production. They help ensure safe and healthy food products for consumers, enforce regulations and support international trade.

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