Heavy metals

Heavy metals

Detecting heavy metals in water, soil and substrate in horticulture requires targeted action. This is important to ensure the health of your soil, crops and the ultimate food chain. To detect black metals, you can take the following steps. Normec Green Agro Control is happy to help.  

Heavy metals in brief
  • Identification of heavy metal sources
  • Preventive measures to stop exposure
  • Soil and water analysis for insight and monitoring
  • Implementation of improvements and crop monitoring for early detection

1. Identify sources

Investigate and identify sources of heavy metals in water and soil. These sources can range from industrial activities, wastewater disposal, use of certain fertilizers to historical pollution.

2. Stop exposure

Once the sources are identified, take steps to stop further exposure of water, soil and crops to heavy metals. This can include modifying irrigation practices, avoiding contaminated fertilizers or shutting off contaminated water sources.

3. Soil Survey

By having extensive soil testing done to understand the concentration and distribution of heavy metals. To do this, take samples at different locations and depths to get a complete picture.

4. Water quality analysis

It is also important to conduct regular water quality analyses to monitor the presence of heavy metals. This is especially important if you use the water for crop irrigation.

5. Implement soil improvements

Consider soil amendments such as adding organic matter. This can help you reduce the availability of heavy metals to the crop.

6. Crop Monitoring

Monitor your crops for signs of stress, growth retardation or other symptoms that may indicate heavy metal accumulation. Regular inspection of crops helps detect problems early.

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