Every farm that grows crops has nematodes (nematodes) in its soil. As a grower, you don’t notice much of this at first. Most nematodes are microscopic, but some species can grow several centimeters long. Nematodes can be useful, but they can also be harmful. Damage from nematodes can be substantial. Prevent damage and have your soil tested every year at Normec Groen Agro Control.

Nematodes in brief
  • Awareness of nematodes and their potentially damaging impact on crops
  • Annual soil testing helps prevent nematode damage
  • Preventing partial rejection, lower yield or crop failure
  • Differentiate between harmful and beneficial nematodes for effective pest management and promotion of a healthy soil ecosystem

Damage caused by nematodes

What damage can you suffer from nematodes? Consider partial rejection, lower yields or complete crop failure. Many thousands of euros of damage per hectare are no exception. Prevention is better than cure.

Useful nematodes

Some nematodes are useful in agriculture because, for example, they help decompose organic matter in the soil. Nematodes can also be used as biological control agents to control harmful insect pests. These beneficial nematodes can parasitize the harmful insects or excrete bacteria that are harmful to the pest organisms. It is important to distinguish between harmful and beneficial nematodes, as some species can play a positive role in controlling pests and promoting a healthy soil ecosystem.

How can Normec Green Agro Control help you?

We perform the laboratory examination for you. This gives you 100% certainty about the presence of free-living nematodes that pose a serious threat to your crops. Think of: the root knot nematode (Meloïdogyne), root lesion nematode (Pratylenchus), Trichodorus (causative agent of tobacco rattle virus) and cyst nematodes (potato cyst and beet cyst nematodes). Good nematode control begins with identifying an infestation, determining the type of nematode and the size of the population. Our microscopic examination brings all nematodes from a soil sample into focus. This is in contrast to DNA testing. Counts in our laboratory are done in duplicate and sometimes even three times. This gives 100% certainty. Our specialists supplement the research report with customized crop advice.

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