Arable farming

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In the demanding world of arable farming, we at Normec Groen Agro Control understand the role analyses and research play in optimizing farming practices and ensuring the quality of your crops. We have a wide range of services, with an emphasis on soil testing, legislation silage analysis and fertilizer advice. With these, we support your farm in achieving sustainable growth and success.

Our arable specialties

1. Soil survey

Our experts conduct detailed soil analyses to analyze the composition of the soil. These analyses provide valuable insights into the nutrients, pH values and structure of the soil, enabling you to grow your crops optimally.

For livestock farming (grassland), arable farming and outdoor vegetable growing (arable and cornland)

  • Derogation
  • Phosphate differentiation

2. Legislation Silage analyses.

We perform analyses to comply with silage legislation. Through careful inspection and testing, we ensure that your silage meets applicable standards, which is essential for the health and productivity of your livestock.

For livestock (grass, corn and other silage storage)

  • BEX calculations
  • Kringloopwijzer
  • Legislation compost research

For composting companies, arable farming, field vegetable growers and closed-loop agriculture (organic residuals)

  • Analysis on nitrogen, phosphate, dry matter and heavy metals

3. Fertilization advice

Our services include expert fertilization advice, based on the results of soil analysis and specific needs of your crops. With this, we strive for optimal nutritional balance and yield, taking into account sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.

For arable farming, outdoor vegetable growing and fruit growing

  • General arable and outdoor horticulture research
  • N-mineral research for arable farming and outdoor vegetable growing

For livestock farming (grassland), arable farming and outdoor vegetable cultivation (arable land and cornland)

  • General grassland research

For interested parties and private persons

  • General soil survey for.
  • Ornamental garden
  • Vegetable garden
  • Sports field
  • Lawn
  • Horse paddock
  • Sheep pasture

What can you expect from the report of your survey or analysis?

  • Analysis reports with fertilization recommendations
  • Reports in Dutch, English, Spanish or German
  • Reports are standard delivered as pdf
  • Automatic data transfer via data links with suppliers
  • Data link with advisory systems

Sampling and collection

Our sampling complies with the guidelines of the RVO and is accredited according to ISO 17025. If you choose to take samples yourself, we have the required sample material for you. Including sample forms and work description.

Under certain conditions, we report emergency samples of pesticide residues within the same or following day.

Send or drop off soil samples

You can send or bring your soil sample to:

Normec Green Agro Control
Distributieweg 1
2645 EG Delfgauw

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