Pesticide residues masterclass   

Pesticide residues masterclass   

We notice that there are still many AGF companies struggling with questions about pesticide residues. For example, what should you do when a maximum residue limit (MRL) is exceeded?  The NWVA recently published a new Reporting Guide. What are the implications of this? Can you dose pesticides lower as a grower? What is Intergrated Pest Management (IPM)? How do you read an analysis result and what conclusion can you draw? What requirements must my products meet? These are some of the questions quality managers, buyers and sellers of AGF products regularly ask. To help you and answer all your questions, we are giving a residue master class.   

Master class Residuals in brief
  • During the Masterclass we answer all your questions
  • We tailor the course to your needs

We will take you through the following topics:

  • The application of pesticides in the cultivation of AGF products.
  • Sampling
  • Analysis: methods, interaction of pesticides
  • Risk assessment: MRLs, ARfD values, hazard identification & risk analysis
  • Legislation and quality standards
  • From practice: customer requirements, incident prevention

For whom?

The master class is intended for quality managers in the AGF industry, buyers and sellers of AGF products. However, you are expected to have some knowledge and experience with pesticide residues.

Click here to register and for current training dates: Pesticide Residues Masterclass – Normec Foodcare