Soil and substrates

Soil and substrates

The fertility of your soil is paramount to good farm performance. Soil testing helps you maintain soil fertility and achieve high yields of a quality crop. Normec Green Agro Control helps you with different types of agricultural research. Research that helps you improve yields, reduce expenses but also reduce environmental burdens.

Soils and substrates in brief
  • Maintain soil fertility for high yields
  • Improving farm performance through targeted soil testing
  • Reduction of costs and environmental burden
  • Wide range of agronomic surveys for different sectors

General soil research

You can contact us for soil testing for arable farming, horticulture, outdoor vegetable growing, grassland, fruit growing, vegetable garden, ornamental garden, sports field, lawn, horse and sheep pasture. For a general soil analysis we measure the following parameters: phosphate, potassium, magnesium, sodium, nitrogen, sulfur, pH, organic matter, siltability, lutum and carbonic lime. In addition, you can request additional analyses such as the trace elements: copper, manganese, boron, zinc, iron and molybdenum, the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) or a Spurway analysis. By using the agricultural research assignment form you can request the various analyses.

Phosphate differentiation and Derogation

Our laboratory is accredited for the examinations required for derogation and phosphate differentiation. For these examinations we need additional information about your plots. We are happy to help you.

Send soil samples or bring them by

You can send or bring the soil sample to:

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