Risk analysis

Risk analysis for AGF and horticulture sector

In the food industry, food safety is hugely important. Risk analysis helps identify potential hazards that can compromise food safety, such as microbial contamination, chemical contaminants and physical hazards. By having these risks identified and managed by Normec Groen Agro Control, you can take appropriate measures to ensure food safety and reduce the risk of food-related illnesses.

Risk analyses in brief
  • Identifies potential food safety hazards
  • Helps take appropriate measures to ensure food safety
  • Reduces the risk of food-related illnesses

What steps can you take?

1. Identification of risks

Our experts will work with your team to identify all possible risk factors that may affect the quality, safety and sustainability of your AGF products and horticultural operations. This includes risks related to food safety, quality loss, regulatory and environmental impacts.

2. Risk Analysis

We will assess each identified risk based on its likelihood of occurrence and potential impact. This includes using tools such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) to identify risks and prioritize the most critical ones.

3. Assessment of existing management measures

We will evaluate the effectiveness of existing management measures to determine if they are sufficient to control the identified risks. This may include procedures for hygiene, traceability, storage and transportation and regulatory compliance.

4. Advice and recommendations 

Based on the risk analysis, we will provide advice and recommendations for improving your risk management strategies. This may include implementing additional control measures, staff training, investments in infrastructure or changes in operational procedures.  

5. Monitoring and evaluation

After implementation of the recommendations, we will periodically monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the measures taken. If necessary, we will recommend adjustments to ensure that your risk management program remains up-to-date and effective

By working with Normec Green Agro Control, you will gain greater insight into potential risks. This allows you to respond proactively should something go wrong. This allows you to influence the quality and safety of your products.

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