Do you also want optimal crop growth? Periodic monitoring of nutrients allows you to set up your crop as efficiently as possible. For direct intervention in the crop or at signs of shortages or surpluses we measure nutrients in water, crop, soil and substrates. In this way you optimize your cultivation in the best possible way.

Nutrients in brief
  • Optimisation of crop growth through periodic monitoring of nutrients
  • Possibility of direct intervention in case of nutrient deficiencies or surpluses
  • Reliable and fast analysis of nutrients in water, crop, soil and substrates
  • Customised advice on fertilisation and optimisation of growing conditions
  • Specific analyses for soil and substrate characterisation, including detection of plan pathogenic organisms

Nutrients in water and crop

Regular monitoring of nutrients in water or soil is important. This way you will have the best control options for your crop. We perform this analysis on nutrients in water under ISO accreditation. For direct steering on crop or in case of lack or excess, we can also measure nutrients in the crop. We do this via leaf analysis in juice or in dry matter. You can come to us for reliable but also fast results.

Are you interested in regular monitoring of nutrients in water or plants? Then together we will look at the best solution for you. Did you know that we can also analyze the levels of heavy metals in the water or crop?

Standard package of main and trace elements

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Ammonium (NH) 4+Potassium (K)+Sodium (Na)+Calcium (Ca)2+
Magnesium (Mg)2+Silicon (Si)Nitrate (NO) 3-Chlorine (CI-)
Sulfate (SO) 4^2-Phosphate (PO4^3-)IJzer (Fe)Manganese (Mn)
Zinc (Zn)Boron (B)Copper (Cu)Molybdenum (Mo)
pHEC(Option Urea in water)

Heavy metals

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Arsenic (As)Barium (Ba)Cadmium (Cd)Chromium (Cr)
Copper (Cu)Mercury (Hg)Lead (Pb)Nickel (Ni)
Tin (Sn)Zinc (Zn)

Other analyses

  • Recording analysis (click on recording analysis for more information)
  • Active Manganese
  • Dissolved and total Iron in spring water (2 bottles needed!)
  • Fluoride (in water, but also in crop or from surfaces)
  • Whole-leaf dry matter analyses for nutrients
  • Analysis for nutrients in plant sap

Nutrients in soil and substrate

Proper fertilization is crucial to creating the optimal growing conditions. We recommend regularly analyzing the presence of fertilizers in the soil. In doing so, you will also receive a fertilization recommendation for the coming period.

In addition to standard fertilization analyses, we also perform specific analyses such as extraction with BaCl2 to assess whether coconut fibers are sufficiently rinsed. We also examine the physical properties of substrates, such as potting soil. These include the air/water ratio, dry matter and organic matter percentages and pF curves.

Our laboratory has the ability to quickly detect plant pathogenic organisms in substrates. Thanks to DNA and/or plating methods, it is quickly clear to us which harmful organisms are present.

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