Accreditations and certifications

Normec Groen Agro Control is accredited by the Council of Accreditation (RvA) for an extensive scope of ISO17025-accredited operations (Rva L355), both for sampling and analysis. We are an Official European Reference Laboratory (EU 2017/625) for pesticide analysis and approved by the Belgian authority (FAVV) to perform legal analyses, such as import controls following regulation EC 669/2009.

As an individual grower, you can participate in our certified residue monitoring system. Our analyses are certified according to the German quality mark Qualität und Sicherheit (QS), by the German organic quality mark Bundesverein Naturkost und Naturwaren (BNN e.V.), for the Dutch organic quality mark Skal, the GAFTA certificate for analyses in grains and animal feed, the GMP+ B11 certificate for analyses in the animal feed sector and RHP for analyses in potting soil and substrates and BVOR for compost. We also have GEP accreditation for research into the effectiveness of plant protection products and biocides and accreditation for the use of unauthorized plant protection products in research (TNG).

We are also part of the network of SENASA-approved laboratories in Peru.